Top 10 Best Nursing Schools in the USA

The following is the list of the best nursing schools in the USA. These rankings may however vary depends on the sources.
  • University of California San Francisco
    This School of Nursing offers various programs for nursing. It recruits students from different backgrounds mainly in the field of research and clinical practice, medical administration and other policies, and such other emerging trends in this field.
  • Johns Hopkins University
    This School of Nursing mainly leads in nursing research and education as also scholarships. The baccalaureate, master's, PhD as also the DNP programs offered by Johns Hopkins University School of nursing are all recognized all over for its excellence in training as well as educating nurses and it also strives to make them national as well as international leaders.
  • University of Pennsylvania of Nursing
    The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is also one of the top most schools for nursing.
  • University of Washington School
    This School of Nursing is a research university with its own academic health centre and is a school which is world-class with ties all over.
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    This institute is recognized nationally and is also engaged in research and practice apart from nursing education.
  • University of Michigan
    The University of Michigan, School of Nursing strives hard in order to provide support to the advancement of nursing as a field.
  • Duke University
    The Duke University, School of Nursing is certified by the Collegiate Nursing Education commission and offers various courses for nursing. It is dedicated to providing nursing education.
  • University of Pittsburgh
    This institute provides various opportunities for students all over to study with a highly recognized faculty. It has trained students in this field since 1939 with various intensive programs.
  • Yale University
    The Yale University School of nursing was started in the year 1923, and has been training nurses since then under an educational program rather than the apprenticeship program.
  • University Of Texas Austin
    This school offers programs for Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing, as also Doctor of Philosophy. These are accredited fully by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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