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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
11.375 Role of Science and Scientists in Collaborative Approaches to EnvironmentMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyKarl, HermanEnglishOct 31, 2006
21H.927J The Economic History of Work and Family (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMcCants, AnneEnglishMar 24, 2006
17.584 Civil-Military Relations (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPetersen, RogerEnglishOct 17, 2005
21L.702 Studies in Fiction: Stowe, Twain, and the Transformation of 19th-CenturyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyKelley, WynEnglishMar 17, 2005
21H.601 Islam, the Middle East, and the West (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBelli, MériamEnglishMay 10, 2007
14.662 Labor Economics II (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPischke, Jorn-SteffenEnglishOct 18, 2007
21A.336 Marketing, Microchips and McDonalds: Debating Globalization (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWalley, ChristineEnglishJul 1, 2004
11.360 Community Growth and Land Use Planning (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySzold, TerryEnglishMay 20, 2004
21H.952J Readings in American History Since 1877 (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJacobs, MegEnglishFeb 5, 2004
21A.230J The Contemporary American Family (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJackson, JeanEnglishAug 6, 2004
11.027 City to City: Comparing, Researching and Writing about Cities (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAbbanat, CherieEnglishOct 30, 2006

17.523 Ethnicity and Race in World Politics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNobles, MelissaEnglishApr 13, 2006
17.315 Comparative Health Policy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySapolsky, HarveyEnglishMar 17, 2005
21M.621 Theater and Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDeFrantz, ThomasEnglishDec 1, 2008
17.952 Great Power Military Intervention (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPosen, BarryEnglishMar 17, 2005
17.20 Introduction to the American Political Process (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBerinsky, AdamEnglishAug 12, 2004
17.486 Japan and East Asian Security (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySamuels, Richard J.EnglishApr 17, 2009
11.947 Race, Immigration, and Planning (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyThompson, J. PhillipEnglishApr 14, 2005
17.953 U.S. Military Budget and Force Planning (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWilliams, CindyEnglishMar 17, 2005
17.55J Introduction to Latin American Studies (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLawson, ChappellEnglishApr 18, 2007
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