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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
Umqomboti, utywala and lucky stars: stories of liquor in Langa between 1930 and University of Cape TownMs Shihaam DonnellyEnglishNov 25, 2008
3.032 Mechanical Behavior of Materials (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySande, John VanderEnglishApr 16, 2008
4.131 Architectural Design, Level II: Material Essence: The Glass House (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyScott, AndrewEnglishJul 14, 2004
2.964 Economics of Marine Transportation Industries (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKite-Powell, HaukeEnglishMay 7, 2007
2.082 Ship Structural Analysis & Design (13.122) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBurke, DavidEnglishJan 30, 2006
9.916 Special Topics: Social Animals (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySaxe, RebeccaEnglishMay 7, 2010
15.391 Early Stage Capital (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLoessberg, ShariEnglishJul 29, 2004
21A.245J Power: Interpersonal, Organizational and Global Dimensions (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySilbey, Susan S.EnglishApr 19, 2006
4.163J Urban Design Studio: Providence (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMorrow, GregEnglishOct 13, 2005
15.764 The Theory of Operations Management (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGallien, JérémieEnglishAug 30, 2004
15.990 Architecture and Communication in Organizations (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBurton, DianeEnglishMay 20, 2004

11.947 New Century Cities: Real Estate, Digital Technology, and Design (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeltner, DavidEnglishApr 22, 2005
Marine TechnologyTU DelftN/AEnglishAug 4, 2010
11.166 Law, Social Movements, and Public Policy: Comparative and International EMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyRajagopal, BalakrishnanEnglishApr 13, 2005
CMS.603 American Soap Operas (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFord, SamEnglishDec 10, 2008
10.520 Molecular Aspects of Chemical Engineering (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHammond, PaulaEnglishOct 12, 2006
3.40J Physical Metallurgy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRussell, KennethEnglishAug 24, 2004
3.40J Physical Metallurgy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySchuh, ChrisEnglishDec 12, 2010
21L.420 Literary Studies: The Legacy of England (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTapscott, StephenEnglishOct 5, 2006
4.123 Architectural Design, Level I: Perceptions and Processes (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyYoon, MeejinEnglishMay 20, 2004
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