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17.245 The Supreme Court, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGhachem, MalickEnglishMay 1, 2007
16.89J Space Systems Engineering (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCrawley, EdwardEnglishJul 17, 2008
7.342 Chronic Infection and Inflammation: What are the Consequences on Your HealMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyFrickel, EvaEnglishJul 9, 2008
7.89 Topics in Computational and Systems Biology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBurge, ChristopherEnglishJul 25, 2008
21W.732-2 Introduction to Technical Communication: Ethics in Science and TechnolMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDoherty, RobertEnglishMar 29, 2007
11.027 City to City: Comparing, Researching and Writing about Cities (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAbbanat, CherieEnglishOct 30, 2006
2.971 2nd Summer Introduction to Design (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySlocum, AlexEnglishJun 15, 2004
11.229 Advanced Writing Seminar (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAbbanat, CherieEnglishApr 20, 2005
Lolita with Imraan CoovadiaUniversity of Cape TownMichael Paskevicius (Admin)EnglishNov 25, 2008
HST.583 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis (MIMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGollub, RandyEnglishJun 30, 2009
HST.502 Survival Skills for Researchers: The Responsible Conduct of Research (MIMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMyers, Elizabeth R.EnglishJun 3, 2004

16.83X Space Systems Engineering (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMiller, DavidEnglishSep 14, 2004
11.337J Urban Design Policy and Action (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySchuster, J. MarkEnglishJan 7, 2009
24.961 Introduction to Phonology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyZoll, CherylEnglishSep 22, 2003
The Literature Review Survival GuideUniversity of Cape TownMrs Glenda CoxEnglishNov 25, 2008
4.341 Introduction to Photography (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLeist, ReinerEnglishAug 14, 2003
3.093 Information Exploration: Becoming a Savvy Scholar (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySadoway, DonaldEnglishMay 10, 2007
21W.732-5 Introduction to Technical Communication: Explorations in Scientific anMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnger, Donald N. S.EnglishApr 30, 2007
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