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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
Endocrine / ReproductionUniversity of MichiganstopolEnglishNov 25, 2008
9.03 Neural Basis of Learning and Memory (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWilson, MattEnglishJul 16, 2008
20.201 Mechanisms of Drug Actions (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDedon, PeterEnglishOct 25, 2006
HST.035 Principle and Practice of Human Pathology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTearney, GaryEnglishAug 26, 2004
223 Renal Pathophysiology, Spring 2006Tufts UniversityN/AEnglishJun 4, 2009
Cardiovascular / RespiratoryUniversity of MichiganstopolEnglishNov 25, 2008
Beyond the VO2 max – The role of self-belief in elite athletic performanceUniversity of Cape TownMs Shihaam DonnellyEnglishNov 25, 2008
12.491 Advanced Seminar in Geology and Geochemistry: Organic Geochemistry (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySummons, RogerEnglishMar 23, 2006
21L.704 Studies in Poetry - British Poetry and the Sciences of the Mind (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJackson, NoelEnglishOct 6, 2005
7.349 From Molecules to Behavior: Synaptic Neurophysiology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChubykin, AlexEnglishJun 23, 2010
PPY221 Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology, Fall 2005Tufts UniversityN/AEnglishJun 4, 2009

9.916 The Neural Basis of Visual Object Recognition in Monkeys and Humans (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDiCarlo, JamesEnglishOct 27, 2005
PPY224 Pathophysiology of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Spring 2005Tufts UniversityN/AEnglishJun 4, 2009
HST.582J Biomedical Signal and Image Processing (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClifford, GariEnglishOct 30, 2008
Gastrointestinal / LiverUniversity of MichiganstopolEnglishNov 25, 2008
9.16 Cellular Neurophysiology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLiu, GuosongEnglishJul 1, 2003
9.459 Scene Understanding Symposium (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyOliva, AudeEnglishOct 20, 2006
9.02 Brain Laboratory (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMiller, EarlEnglishJul 2, 2003
HST.720 Physiology of the Ear (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyShera, ChristopherEnglishApr 14, 2005
HST.542J Quantitative Physiology: Organ Transport Systems (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyVenegas, JoseEnglishApr 26, 2005
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