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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
21L.012 Forms of Western Narrative (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCain, JamesEnglishAug 24, 2004
21F.716 Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyResnick, MargeryEnglishOct 17, 2005
21F.412 Texts, Topics, and Times in German Literature (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJaeger, DagmarEnglishJun 10, 2010
21L.463 Renaissance Literature (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFuller, MaryEnglishJun 30, 2009
24.919 Topics in Linguistics: Creole Languages and Caribbean Identities (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDeGraff, MichelEnglishSep 7, 2004
21F.716 Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGarrels, ElizabethEnglishJan 28, 2009
HST.750 Modeling Issues in Speech and Hearing (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyShera, ChristopherEnglishOct 13, 2006
21L.003 Introduction to Fiction (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKelley, WynEnglishMar 30, 2004
21L.422 Tragedy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKibel, AlvinEnglishSep 16, 2003
21L.004 Major Poets (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKibel, AlvinEnglishApr 10, 2006
21L.706 Studies in Film (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKibel, AlvinEnglishMar 24, 2006

21L.705 Major Authors: John Milton (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFuller, MaryEnglishAug 22, 2008
11.949 City Visions: Past and Future (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDavis, DianeEnglishSep 15, 2004
CMH110 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2010, Fall 2010Tufts UniversityN/AEnglishFeb 23, 2011
7.342 Chronic Infection and Inflammation: What are the Consequences on Your HealMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyFrickel, EvaEnglishJul 9, 2008
21L.701 Literary Interpretation: Literature and Urban Experience (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBrouillette, SarahEnglishSep 9, 2009
21L.016 Learning from the Past: Drama, Science, Performance (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHenderson, DianaEnglishDec 20, 2009
7.89 Topics in Computational and Systems Biology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBurge, ChristopherEnglishJul 25, 2008
11.201 Gateway: Planning Action (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDavis, DianeEnglishSep 24, 2003
21L.432 Understanding Television (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyThorburn, DavidEnglishSep 23, 2003
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