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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCanelake, SarinaEnglishMar 17, 2010
14.462 Advanced Macroeconomics II (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAngeletos, George-MariosEnglishSep 2, 2004
9.520 Statistical Learning Theory and Applications (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPoggio, TomasoEnglishJan 10, 2007
STS.049J Technology and Gender in American History (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFitzgerald, DeborahEnglishApr 15, 2005
4.491 Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDemaine, ErikEnglishApr 22, 2005
MAS.531 Computational Camera and Photography (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRaskar, RameshEnglishSep 9, 2010
21H.931 Seminar in Historical Methods (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWood, Elizabeth A.EnglishFeb 20, 2004
9.520 Statistical Learning Theory and Applications (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRifkin, RyanEnglishSep 26, 2003
21W.783 Science and Engineering Writing for Phase II (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCuster, DavidEnglishSep 16, 2003
15.075 Applied Statistics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNewton, ElizabethEnglishMay 20, 2004
18.994 Seminar in Geometry (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCarberry, EmmaEnglishMar 31, 2005

Images from Studying at University: A guide for first year studentsUniversity of Cape TownMichael Paskevicius (Admin)EnglishNov 25, 2008
National Science Week PostersUniversity of Cape TownMichael Paskevicius (Admin)EnglishNov 25, 2008
1.00 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKocur, GeorgeEnglishOct 25, 2005
SP.256 The Coming Years (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRising, JamesEnglishDec 18, 2009
1.124J Foundations of Software Engineering (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAmaratunga, KevinEnglishMar 24, 2004
6.837 Computer Graphics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDurand, Fr├ędoEnglishSep 8, 2004
SP.776 Design for Demining (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLinder, BenjaminEnglishNov 19, 2007
9.520-A Networks for Learning: Regression and Classification (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPoggio, TomasoEnglishSep 28, 2003
Creative Commons InfographicUniversity of Cape TownMs Shihaam DonnellyEnglishNov 25, 2008
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