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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
14.381 Statistical Method in Economics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChernozhukov, VictorEnglishSep 27, 2007
6.830 Database Systems (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMadden, SamuelEnglishApr 11, 2006
6.895 Theory of Parallel Systems (SMA 5509) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKuszmaul, BradleyEnglishSep 7, 2004
14.471 Public Economics I (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPoterba, JamesEnglishDec 17, 2008
9.520-A Networks for Learning: Regression and Classification (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPoggio, TomasoEnglishSep 28, 2003
18.336 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySeibold, BenjaminEnglishOct 6, 2009
6.435 System Identification (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDahleh, MuntherEnglishOct 20, 2005
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