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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
21F.103 Chinese III (Regular) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChen, TongEnglishMay 20, 2004
21F.301 French I (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCulot, CathyEnglishApr 21, 2005
21M.542 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Musical Time (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMarks, MartinEnglishJan 12, 2011
21M.113 Developing Musical Structures (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBamberger, JeanneEnglishSep 25, 2003
12.480 Thermodynamics for Geoscientists (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGrove, TimothyEnglishOct 15, 2007
21M.361 Composing with Computers I (Electronic Music Composition) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWhincop, PeterEnglishDec 1, 2008
EDUC 403 - Individualized Reading Instruction in the Elementary GradesUniversity of MichiganstopolEnglishNov 25, 2008
6.897 Selected Topics in Cryptography (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCanetti, RanEnglishApr 19, 2005
21W.730-3 Expository Writing: Autobiography - Theory and Practice (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFox, ElizabethEnglishMay 20, 2004
11.479J Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMurcott, SusanEnglishNov 6, 2007
12.742 Marine Chemistry (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyToole, DierdreEnglishMar 27, 2008

12.815 Atmospheric Radiation (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMcClatchey, RobertEnglishFeb 15, 2007
18.705 Commutative Algebra (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKleiman, StevenEnglishFeb 25, 2009
11.902 Advanced Urban Public Finance: Collective Action and Provisions of Local Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHong, Yu-HungEnglishDec 11, 2009
21M.675 Dance Theory and Composition (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDeFrantz, ThomasEnglishApr 8, 2005
6.863J Natural Language and the Computer Representation of Knowledge (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBerwick, RobertEnglishMar 31, 2004
21M.350 Musical Analysis (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChild, PeterEnglishNov 5, 2008
21F.105 Chinese V (Regular): Chinese Cultures & Society (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChen, TongEnglishMar 24, 2004
21M.263 Music Since 1960 (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRobison, BrianEnglishOct 2, 2006
1.206J Airline Schedule Planning (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBarnhart, CynthiaEnglishMar 25, 2004
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