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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
Climate change and health in the SADC RegionUniversity of Cape TownProfessor Jonny MyersEnglishNov 25, 2008
ESD.10 Introduction to Technology and Policy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRoss, DanEnglishMay 2, 2007
8.21 The Physics of Energy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJaffe, RobertEnglishDec 16, 2009
11.957 Frameworks of Urban Governance (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKobes, DeborahEnglishMay 7, 2007
ESD.864 Systems Modeling and Assessment for Policy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySelin, NoelleEnglishDec 17, 2010
11.364 International Environmental Negotiation (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySusskind, LawrenceEnglishAug 25, 2003
Political Communication, National Development Policy and Journalism Research andUniversity of Cape TownDr Ibrahim SalehEnglishNov 25, 2008
15.023J Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLee, EunjeeEnglishJan 7, 2009
17.441 International Politics and Climate Change (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChoucri, NazliEnglishDec 3, 2008
STS.011 American Science: Ethical Conflicts and Political Choices (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFoley, BrendanEnglishJan 30, 2009
12.740 Paleoceanography (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBoyle, EdwardEnglishMay 12, 2009

14.475 Environmental Economics and Government Responses to Market Failure (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGreenstone, MichaelEnglishOct 13, 2005
11.540J Urban Transportation Planning (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySalvucci, FrederickEnglishMay 8, 2007
15.992 S-Lab: Laboratory for Sustainable Business (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySterman, JohnEnglishJan 8, 2009
12.007 Geobiology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySummons, RogerEnglishNov 18, 2009
17.32 Environmental Politics and Policy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMeyer, SteveEnglishSep 16, 2003
STS.330J History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJones, DavidEnglishDec 10, 2009
12.842 Past and Present Climate (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWunsch, CarlEnglishJun 17, 2009
Sustainable Development for EngineersTU DelftN/AEnglishDec 30, 2009
14.44 Energy Economics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJoskow, PaulEnglishMay 3, 2007
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