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Course NameSourceAuthorLanguagePublished Date
24.200 Ancient Philosophy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHaslanger, SallyEnglishOct 17, 2005
24.946 Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMiyagawa, ShigeruEnglishOct 13, 2005
24.951 Introduction to Syntax (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLandau, IdanEnglishSep 7, 2004
8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLewin, WalterEnglishMar 31, 2004
24.00 Problems of Philosophy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHaslanger, SallyEnglishApr 20, 2006
24.729 Topics in Philosophy of Language: Modeling Representation (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRayo, AgustínEnglishOct 28, 2009
6.897 Selected Topics in Cryptography (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCanetti, RanEnglishApr 19, 2005
21W.730-3 Expository Writing: Autobiography - Theory and Practice (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFox, ElizabethEnglishMay 20, 2004
21L.448J Darwin and Design (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKibel, AlvinEnglishFeb 20, 2004
24.09 Minds and Machines (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyByrne, AlexEnglishNov 2, 2007
6.895 Theory of Parallel Systems (SMA 5509) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKuszmaul, BradleyEnglishSep 7, 2004

21F.019 Communicating Across Cultures (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWiddig, BerndEnglishOct 13, 2005
24.961 Introduction to Phonology (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyZoll, CherylEnglishSep 22, 2003
11.701 Introduction to Planning and Institutional Processes in Developing CountrMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySanyal, BishwapriyaEnglishApr 12, 2006
24.953 Argument Structure and Syntax (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMiyagawa, ShigeruEnglishSep 28, 2003
21H.112 The American Revolution (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaier, PaulineEnglishSep 20, 2006
21W.732-5 Introduction to Technical Communication: Explorations in Scientific anMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnger, Donald N. S.EnglishApr 30, 2007
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