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15.301 Managerial Psychology Laboratory (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAriely, DanEnglishApr 19, 2005
6.441 Information Theory (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyM├ędard, MurielEnglishDec 8, 2010
SP.293 Lego Robotics (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRising, JamesEnglishAug 1, 2008
21M.670 Traditions in American Concert Dance: Gender and Autobiography (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBlanco, MelissaEnglishDec 10, 2008
2.51 Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMikic, BoraEnglishDec 15, 2008
12.333 Atmospheric and Ocean Circulations (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPlumb, R. AlanEnglishSep 15, 2004
4.184 Architectural Design Workshop: Collage - Method and Form (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJarzombek, MarkEnglishSep 9, 2004
HST.950J Engineering Biomedical Information: From Bioinformatics to BiosurveillaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyKohane, IsaacEnglishApr 20, 2006
21L.012 Forms of Western Narrative (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCain, JamesEnglishAug 24, 2004
24.200 Ancient Philosophy (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHaslanger, SallyEnglishOct 17, 2005
RES.15-001 MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources (MSTIR) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFaculty, MIT SloanEnglishMar 7, 2010

21F.103 Chinese III (Regular) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChen, TongEnglishMay 20, 2004
21L.000J Writing About Literature (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyKelley, WynEnglishOct 31, 2006
4.511 Digital Mock-Up Workshop (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySass, LawrenceEnglishSep 27, 2006
2.75 Precision Machine Design (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCulpepper, MartinEnglishSep 28, 2003
4.607 Thinking About Architecture: In History and at Present (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyJarzombek, MarkEnglishJun 16, 2010
15.094J Systems Optimization: Models and Computation (SMA 5223) (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySun, JieEnglishOct 13, 2005
6.883 Program Analysis (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyErnst, MichaelEnglishApr 25, 2006
15.598 IT and Business Transformation (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGibson, CyrusEnglishJul 29, 2003
12.000 Solving Complex Problems (MIT)Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHodges, KipEnglishJul 14, 2004
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