Transboundary Environmental Policy and Institutions along International Borders

Sustainability Seminar delivered on February 16, 2011 by UC Riverside Professor Linda Fernandez "Transboundary Environmental Policy and Institutions along International Borders." The seminar analyzes the past, present and future management for pollutant reduction along international borders. Attention towards transboundary waters is necessary as environmental problems have increased in prevalence around the world as the shared waterways straddling boundaries are vulnerable and not infinitely bountiful and resilient. Transboundary settings offer interdependencies, opportunities and challenges to match management on the same scale as the natural physical connectedness of water flow across borders. This seminar investigates the interaction between sovereign countries in North America over shared waterways in the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico borders. These countries present insightful steps for addressing polluted water at a time when the United Nations has designated 2010, Clean Water for a Healthy World where 2.2 million people die of contaminated water per year (United Nations, 2010). Asymmetry between the countries in terms of costs, damages, and emissions influences the incentives to solve the environmental pollution problem in a sustainable way.

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