SI 533 - Digital Government 2: Information Technology and Democratic Administrat

Content Type:  Course Short Title/Course Code:  SI 533 Course is the second of a two-part sequence exploring contemporary practices, challenges, and opportunities at the intersection of information technology and democratic governance. Whereas the first course (SI 532) focuses on tensions and innovations in democratic politics, this course takes on emerging directions in democratic administration and the shifting role of information technologies in supporting, transforming, and understanding these. The first part of the course sets contemporary discussions of digital or "E-government" against a richer backdrop of administrative, bureaucratic, and organizational theory. The second part of the course explores a range of cases in which emergent informational forms and practices have entered -- and in some cases, begun to alter -- the traditional art and practice of goverment. Drawing on examples from local, state, federal, and international experience, students are encouraged to adopt a practical and appropriately critical take on the practice, problems, and possibilities for democratic administration in an increasingly IT-saturated age. Instructor: Steven J. Jackson dScribe: Chris Zbrozek Course Level: Graduate Course Structure: Three hour class - once a weekInstructor Course Instructor:  Steven J. Jackson

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