Content Type:  Course Short Title/Course Code:  renal2 The M2 Renal Sequence provides an overview of diseases of the kidney and urinary tract in a clinical setting and provides an introduction to the basic concepts about the area and tools you will need to continue learning about them in future years. The sequence consists of lectures, small group seminars, Clinicopathological Correlation Laboratories, and multidisciplinary conferences on end stage renal disease and organ procurement. Over twenty faculty members from Nephrology, Pathology, Urology, and Pharmacology will participate in the lectures, seminars, and Clinicopathological Correlation Laboratory sessions. Sequence Directors: Joel M. Weinberg, M.D. Paul D. Killen, M.D., Ph.D. dScribes: Dannie Chang Phillip Wang Please Note: Publication of this sequence is still in progress. Please check back regularly to see if new content has been posted.

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