PubPol 671 - Policy and Management in the Nonprofit Sector

Content Type:  Course The nonprofit sector has emerged as one of the cornerstones of American society, and yet remains very much a work in progress. The “third sector” faces unique and evolving pressures in areas such as social enterprise, philanthropy, mission focus, performance measurement, sector blur, and more. These challenges are magnified by the complex interdependencies among the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors. In our class we will examine how some of these broad issues intersect with the day-to-day operation of domestic nonprofit organizations. By considering sector tensions from a management perspective, ultimately we will each develop our own informed view on the appropriate role and function of the nonprofit sector within society. Future policy makers and nonprofit managers alike will enhance their ability to formulate positions on policy issues that impact the sector. Instructor: Neel Hajra dScribe: Lauren Walker Course Level: Graduate Course Structure: Meets twice a week for 1.5 hours  Instructor Course Instructor:  Neel Hajra

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