PPM 100 Human Growth and Development, Spring 2006

In the Human Growth and Development course, students will: learn that there are diseases, conditions and disabilities that relate directly to the disruption of the development of physical or mental processes.  learn that learning about Growth and Development also provides a framework for understanding in greater depth who a patient is as a person.  gain knowledge of  the normal "landscape" that can guide our exploration in clinical encounters.  It can also help us to understand precipitants to disease and disability.  learn to know a person more thoroughly and thereby be better doctors than were they to meet patients without such informational prompting.  We will  study the subject matter in two ways:  by following various developmental "tracks" longitudinally from birth to death and by studying the individual at various cross-sectional stages/ages of life.

Attend the course 'PPM 100 Human Growth and Development, Spring 2006'

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