HMP 607 - Corporate Finance for Health Care Administrators

Content Type:  Course Short Title/Course Code:  hmp607 HMP 607 is the third in a three-course sequence intended to impart to generalist administrators the knowledge of finance and accounting necessary to manage health care organizations. The first course, HMP 608, covers financial accounting. The second course, HMP 606, focuses on managerial accounting topics. This third course concentrates on corporate finance topics. It aims to impart an understanding of how finance theory and practice can inform the decision-making of the health care firm. As such, HMP 607 is most appropriately considered a corporate finance course, as opposed to a course in financial markets. In addition, it will integrate corporate finance and accounting theories, institutional knowledge of health care finance, and applications to specific problems. Instructor: Jack Wheeler, Ph.D. dScribe: Hung Truong Course Level: Graduate Course Structure: Met twice a week for 14 weeks (1.5 hour sessions).Instructor Course Instructor:  Jack Wheeler

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