Fluidics on a Compact Disc- A Two Day Short Course for Academia and Industry

The "Begin Course" button will download a 50mb PDF file containing all of the slides for this course. This a 2-day short course on Fluidics on a Compact disc for medical diagnostics. The course is intended for scientists and engineers in academia, government institutes and industry. Some background in physics, micro-fluidics and point of care (POC) diagnostics is an advantage to the prospective student. Dr. Madou has given this course worldwide and adapts it for each new engagement to reflect the most recent breakthroughs in this area. To contact Dr. Madou, please use mmadou@uci.edu. Here are the topics that are covered: What problem are we trying to solve? Answer: Integrated Molecular Diagnostics. Why a CD as a diagnostic platform? Benefits of a CD platform compared to competing solutions for molecular diagnostics. Fluidics compared. Here we compare all the different alternatives to pumping fluids in a microfluidic platform. Fluidics image acquisition. How do we visualize flow in a rotating platform? CD fluidics theory background. How to fabricate microfluidic CDs? Applications Sample preparation DNA Amplification Detection Electrical forces on the CD: Fast DNA arrays Dielectrophoresis Pneumatic propulsion: bringing fluids back to the center Some other CD examples Conclusions

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